2015 Knottsville Community Cookbook

lt’s been 8 years since Mary Carrico organized and sold cookbooks in the
community. It was a HUGE success in 2007 and we made over $7,000 for
our school.  People have been asking and the PTO believes it is time to
make another GREAT cookbook with recipes from our parish community,
staff, family, and friends. It takes time to organize and gather recipes, so we
are starting now in order to ensure we have the cookbook ready to sell at
our 2015 Picnic. Attached is a recipe submission form (click the link). There will be more forms available in the back of both churches or you can copy this form for
yourself to use or pass along to family and friends. Please be sure to print
CLEARLY in ink and to proof your recipe before you turn them in.
Recipes will be printed in the cookbook EXACTLY the way they are
written. Look for more tips and instructions printed on the form. You may
turn in completed forms through school, or place them in boxes in the
back of both churches. Recipes are due NO LATER than Sunday, May 24th.


Click here to get the => CookBook Form



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