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Mary Carrico Students Get Out and About for Fall Break

By Ian Mudd and Callie Lanham

Last week a lot of people had fun over Fall Break.  This is where some of them went:

A lot of people went camping. Branson  Berry, Hayden Aull, Kamryn Jonhson, Ethan Smith, Briley Johnson, Devin Rhinerson, Logan Horn, and Ezra, Eli and Chloe Mattingly were among the students who went camping.

Zach, Jenna, and Kenzie McDowell went to Tennessee. Drew and Molly Brown went to Orange Beach. The Mills’ family went on a cruise to Mexico. And last but not least is Gavin Howard, who went to beaches of Alabama.

“I can tell by suntanned faces who went south, I’m sure we all enjoyed a break,” said Mr. Hamilton.  Fall Break was wonderful, only 63 more days until Christmas Vacation.


Students Raise $700 for Class Trip

by Olivia Millay


This year, for the 7th and 8th grade class trip we are going to St. Louis so we need to raise money. We decided to raise money by doing trash for cash. We raised $700 by doing the roads of : Free Silver, Pup Creek road, and Pup Creek lane. We met up at the school parking lot around 8:00am, from there we got our stylish blue rubber gloves and our bright yellow vest. After we did that we had to pick our 3 trash teams, then we headed off. The weather in the beginning was really cold but some of the guys was wearing t-shirts and shorts, then, it started to get really hot as the day went on so I rolled up my sleeves. Some of the crazy parts were: the nasty trash bag full of diapers, walking in water, getting yelled at because you was in the water, slipping, sliding, falling, trying to get back up from the ditches, singing in the middle of the road, finding dead things, and smelling the nastiest smells. Over all it was really fun and ALLof us had a blast!! 🙂


New Students!

By: Brianna Turner & Erin Kinsey

We interviewed the kindergarten and this is what they had to say.

We asked some of the kids how they liked Mrs. Lashbrook and some of their answers were she is really nice and funny, she is a good teacher, she is pretty, and she lets us do work.

We also asked them what their favorite thing to do in kindergarten was and some of their answers were getting a drink, taking a nap, playing centers, going to art, coloring, playing outside, and doing homework.

We interviewed Mrs. Lashbrook and this is what she had to say. We asked her what her favorite thing was about teaching kindergarten and she answered they’re just so little and sweet and they love you.

We asked her what her favorite thing to teach was and she answered I love to teach them how to read.

We also asked her how long she has been teaching and she answered this is my 17th year teaching and all have been at Mary Carrico!

We also interviewed Declan Williams, a new student in first grade, and this is what he had to say.

We ask him what he liked about our school and he answered he likes getting candy and the kids are really nice.

We asked him how he likes Ms. Hermann and he answered she’s a really good teacher.

We also asked him what his favorite thing to do is and he answered going to recess.

A New Face

By: Erin Kinsey & Seth Pence

We have another new face in the building! Her name is Karen Gilmore. She has had two daughters graduate from Mary Carrico Catholic School, and she is now a teacher’s aide. We asked her if she liked her new job and she answered, “I love it!”

We also asked her if she had always wanted this job and she replied, “No, not really, I did factory work for over thirty years. Once I had children, I wished I could have worked here when my daughters were here.”

We also asked her if she liked the kids here and she answered, “The kids here are great. I love the school spirit everyone seems to have.”

We also asked her where she went to school, and her reply was, “St. Stephens.”

We also asked her if she liked the co-workers and she replied, “Yes, it is a great atmosphere to work, this is mainly due to the friendliness of the people I work with.”

We are happy to have her with us, but we will always remember Mrs. Tonya!

Mary Carrico Student Wins Big Competitions This Summer

by Seth Pence

Seventh grader, Hayley Payne has been winning talent show contests this summer.   She loves music, and she loves singing too. She won a talent show at the Hancock County Fair and at the Tell City Schweizer Fest.

There was only 4 people competing in this show (including her) and she was found to be the best.  “Music is very important to me” says Payne. She won $100 dollars prize money, and she donated some to the collection at church.

At the Tell City show, she did the song “Amen” by Eden’s Edge. She knew the judges she knew some of the contestants from other talent competitions.  She planned to play guitar at this show, but it was horribly out of tune so she quickly switched to singing a cappella. It must have worked, because she won another 50 bucks.

She is very good, I think! Everyone should go see her perform.

Johnson Joins Faculty

By: Hayley Payne and Breannah Hamilton

You might have noticed a new face in Mrs. Beeler’s old room. That’s Ms. Kayla Johnson! While we were interviewing her, we learned about her family; two brothers and a niece. Johnson, a graduate of Lindsey Wilson College, was born and raised Catholic, and is currently a cantor for St. Lawrence Church.  She currently presides in Hawesville with her mom and dad.

Ms. Johnson wanted to teach because she loves kids, has a passion for teaching, and wants to make a difference. Among the many things she likes about MCCS are the climate, the small classes, and the faculty.

We went to some of her students and asked them a few questions. Jenna McDowell said, “She likes her schedules because it fits the time of day. For example, they have math at the afternoon instead of the morning because they need more energy.”

Molly Brown and Ezra Mattingly each told us that Ms. Johnson is funny. They think she is funny because of her funny faces.  Jayden Lanham said, “She is nice because she gives candy and cokes on Fridays and helps me when he needs it.” They said she makes boring things fun! Paige Fish said she likes Ms. Johnson because lets them do homework during school.

Ms. Johnson is doing her internship. Jenny Lashbrook, Kindergarten teacher, said an internship is required for all first year teachers in Kentucky. The internship will help Ms. Johnson be a better teacher. Mrs. Lashbrook likes about Ms. Johnson are that she’s easy to get along with, and she’s really enthusiastic about teaching.

Mr. Montgomery had a LOT of different reasons to hire her. Some of them are that the course of the interview was enlightening; she had good responses to the questions, and good back ground. He also hired her because of her credentials and her previous knowledge. She has amazing reverence and enthusiasm. She has a great desire to share her talents.

Welcome to our school, we hope you have a good year Ms. Johnson!

Mary Carrico Welcomes New 8th Grader

by Olivia Millay 

Evan Isbill is a new student here at MCCS and he is in the 8th grade. Evan previously went to St. Mary.

“Do you like the teachers and the students here?” I asked him?

“Yeah, I like mostly everyone and I like most of the teachers too.” he stated

I then asked him if it was a lot different from our school to his school, and he said that it was a lot different and he like the food and the people a lot too.

I also asked him if it took him awhile to learn the schedule and his way around the school he said that it didn’t take long at all, it only took the next day of school.

We are glad you are here Evan!

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